1. I build the technical distribution network needed to put Tweets everywhere.

    I develop SDK, CMS, and workflow integrations needed to include content published on Twitter in an article, website, and native integrations on iOS and Android. I lower the cost of development for third-parties through common software libraries and integration patterns shared across multiple partners. I work with large partners around the world to successfully integrate Twitter content into their storytelling and enhance a site or app's experience with Twitter content.

    I work on the RESTful APIs backing Tweet display and Tweet authorship including single Tweets, timelines, collections, search, and web intents.

  2. Lead a team of engineers building first-party iOS and responsive Web applications and libraries to drive customer adoption and refine SDK offerings. Identity, social sharing, pay with Facebook, and deep-linked user acquisition and reengagement integration. Develop new API services to promote platform growth.

    Manage search engine optimization, customer analytics, and social distribution development during the rewrite of the Facebook Developers site, developers.facebook.com. Built on top of the latest Facebook PHP, JS, and backend frameworks.

    Develop first-party plugins and extensions for deep integration with WordPress, Magento, and other large publishing and eCommerce platforms. Social plugin distribution (Like, Follow, Send, Embed), Open Graph structured markup and sharing, author attribution, and social conversion analytics.

    Speak on behalf of Facebook at developer conferences in the U.S. and APAC. Topics included mobile development, app localization, Facebook Login, social sharing design, and Newsfeed ranking factors.

    Author platform strategy and competitive assessments for an internal audience.

  3. Product strategy and management of large web platforms. Specialize in APIs, developer networks, online payments, WordPress, HTML5, web performance, search engine optimization, social sharing optimization, mobile web, and online video.

    Develop custom web experiences: PHP with WordPress or Symfony; Python on Google App Engine with Jinja2, webapp2, and Django; JavaScript with jQuery or YUI.

    Work with executives and senior management in digital payments, marketplaces, content platforms, open source software, and government sectors. Strategic planning focus with Fortune 100 companies; hands-on with startups.

    Contribute to open source software and industry specifications including HTML5 video and web storage, Open Graph protocol, OpenSocial REST, WordPress, Debian, Django, and Google App Engine SDK.

  4. Product lead on a team of eight employees tasked with creating a centralized web feed data store and related API services for use across Windows Live properties.

    Work with teams across multiple organizational groups to create product requirements, technical requirements, prototypes, and product roadmaps capable of scaling form a 10 million active user beta test up to a 500 million active user full deployment.

    Create an API platform based on the needs and product release schedules of products such as Hotmail, Messenger, and Profiles.

  5. Product manager focused on improving the total size, freshness, and quality of the Technorati search index by delivering publisher-friendly features and creating new industry partnerships.

    Led two industry summits bringing together major search engines and web publishing hosts to define best practices and promote collaboration among 20 peers and competitors.

    Authored microformat specifications to better understand unique objects such as people, businesses, events, product listings, reviews, and other objects of interest within a web page.

  6. Improve unpaid referral traffic for NexTag's shopping comparison pages as the site expanded into the services sector (travel, education, loans). Led partner API development.

    Rewrote the NexTag website improved search engine visibility and site speed using xHTML, CSS, dynamic JavaScript content, and syndicated RSS 2.0 feeds.

  7. Led the company's expansion into new asset classes through improved data, software, and analysis tools.

    Attended executive steering committee meetings to identify gaps in technology and data coverage based on the changing needs of our institutional investment clients.

    Expanded investment manager and underlying portfolio data with custom data gathering and analytics solutions in private real estate, REIT hedge fund, venture capital, and socially-responsible investment verticals.

  8. Technical cofounder of a premium sporting goods merchant supporting direct sales and third-party listing platforms such as eBay, Half.com, Yahoo! Stores and Amazon.

    Lightweight inventory management system based on wholesale supplier and manufacturer-direct availability.

  9. Connect merchant inventory to Internet marketplaces and real-time pricing data on eBay, Yahoo!, Amazon zShops, and more.

    Led a product team of two programmers and four designers.

    Successfully sold the company to American Express as part of its OPEN small business tools.

  10. Persistent semantic search engine based on NASA and JPL deep space data processing systems reapplied to specific web verticals.

    Real-time notification libraries drove communication between a data tier, web tier, and subscription alerts platform.

  11. First employee at shopping comparison engine comparing prices between Internet merchants and their drop-ship suppliers. Designed algorithms to better define the total cost of an ecommerce transaction including sales tax and reverse-engineering shipping rates.

    Integrate third-party data sources for competitive advantage, data completeness, and consumer confidence.

Macroeconomics applied to large data sets through computer programming. Worked with 2000 U.S. Census databases to better understand TIGER zones.

Specialized in the economies of the Pacific Rim including studying the economics of Japan at Kyoto University during the Koizumi reforms.