NY Times : Inventing the TiVo remote control

Katie Hafner writes about the design process of TiVo‘s remote control. I own a Sony TiVo SVR-3000 with a Harmony Remote SST-768. My main complaint with my SST-768 is the overlap of the directional buttons and the number pad, leading to never getting the action I really wanted.
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Commentary on "NY Times : Inventing the TiVo remote control":

  1. Graham Hicks on wrote:

    Actually, IDEO is mentioned in the article, on the second page:

    But the look and feel of the original TiVo remote as it emerged from the design team’s sketchbooks and modeling labs has survived, which is no coincidence. ‘We wanted to create an iconic shape that would stick,’ said Dennis Boyle, a team leader at Ideo, a design firm in Palo Alto, Calif., that lent its expertise early in the process.