Yahoo! Slurp

Yahoo! dumped Google yesterday and started using a new crawler, Yahoo! Slurp. Maximum index size is now 500K and includes PDF and Microsoft Office documents. Personalization is next.
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Commentary on "Yahoo! Slurp":

  1. Monkeyspit on wrote:

    I heard there was no Internet search business…just advertising which accounts for most of Google’s profits.

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    Partially true. Most of search revenue comes from advertising, similar to a yellow pages business structure. You want to grab all of the available information, but someone can have a more prominent listing for a fee. In the search world, you sometimes pay to be indexed even.

    There is also the world of search behind the firewall that public crawlers do not reach. Google Search Appliance handles these types of issues for large corporations.

    When a search provider becomes known as the de-facto utility, it works out branding deals as well. Want to search from your cell phone, your car, your watch? Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft can provide that service in exchange for a fee. Would you like to search without advertisements? If you are a SBC Yahoo! DSL subscriber that could be a future option.

    The advantage Yahoo! has is its promotion of internal properties such as HotJobs and Yahoo! Personals. If they have more page impressions than advertisers, they can serve up an internal ad.