Travel Sentry certified TSA locks

Want to lock your luggage but know it will be busted open by the TSA and its purpose rendered useless? Travel Sentry certified TSA locks can open be opened by the TSA without breaking open your lock. You lock and unlock your suitcase own suitcase, but there’s a special TSA key that allows airport security to unlock your bags as well. (via Crypto-Gram)


Commentary on "Travel Sentry certified TSA locks":

  1. George Yonish on wrote:

    I purchased a set of TSA Alert Locks and in the process of setting the 3-number combination I had placed the hasp in the locked position and I don’t remember the 3 numbers that were used. I have tried to open the lock by going thru all the possible combinations (001,002…..998,999,000) several times but the lock did not open.

    Any assistance you can give me on ths matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    George Yonish