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Micah Joel of Salon promotes open wireless networks for his own personal security. “By making my Internet connection available to any and all who happen upon it, I have no way to be certain what kinds of songs, movies and pictures will be downloaded by other people using my IP address. And more important, my ISP has no way to be certain if it’s me.”

I am still torn. I use Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) Personal encryption at home. I live in an apartment building and others may be able to benefit from my wireless connection. Should I open my wireless access point?

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  1. Thomas on wrote:

    This comment is quite late in comming but one that nevertheless needs to be said. Should you open it so others can benefit, absolutely with one caveat. Most home routers nowadays give one the ability to block urls or keywords in searches and log pages accessed. If you are concerned about what is going to be downloaded you can block all things that might be questionable. Also maybe post a note in your complex letting others know if they do not have access have a wireless computer and can see your AP to contact you for access. That way you can willingly let other that you choose access your connection, via MAC filters. If you go this route i would also have them rename their machine so you know who it is that is connection, perhaps appt number. Just my 2 cent.