Nike Mayfly

Nike Mayfly The Nike Mayfly running shoe wieghs 4.8 ounces and has a recommended lifespan of 62 miles. Only 5,000 of the $45 shoes (72 cents a mile) will be sold nationwide. ESPN notes that “Nike’s Mayfly was inspired by the ideal set forth by Nike founder Bill Bowerman, who envisioned a shoe that would provide enough support for a runner during a race, but would fall apart once that runner crossed the finish line.”


Commentary on "Nike Mayfly":

  1. justin frank on wrote:

    these things are beast!!! while your running your feet feel as though they are becoming lighter. By the way the info at the top is not correct, the shoes are auctually 6 oz but the become about 3.5 before the wear away. DO NOT try and wear these things past 60 miles or 100k, THEY WILL FALL APART WHEN U LEAST EXPECT IT!! they are totally worth the 50 bucks.

    note of advise: If u find them and u are an active runner pick up at least 3 pairs.

  2. Jeff on wrote:

    I just bought a pair for my 13-year-old son. You would have thought he won the lottery the way he was dancing around the room.

  3. Thomas on wrote:

    i cannot find a place to buy these shoes do you think they are still buyable in shops???? i am a good runner and need light shoes to beat others.

  4. lawrie on wrote:

    that is the ugliest shoe i ever sawed.

  5. Zach Bonner on wrote:

    Could these be used as XC flats?

  6. Eric Macknight on wrote:

    These are amazing shoes. Used them for a season of cross country and they were great. Recommend them to only the hardcore runners. They are like you are wearing socks.

  7. Kris smith on wrote:

    Where can I find these shoes?

  8. Nik on wrote:

    They’re terrific on the road but I wouldn’t use them for XC. I don’t think they’d have enough traction on surfaces like wet grass and if were muddy you’d get shit caught up in the soles. But again, perfect for 5k road races. If you can’t find them on EastBay or eBay just Froogle them. I got mine at Roadrunner Sports for $50.

  9. dan hampton on wrote:

    I use these for tennis and they are great. I get 3 months (tops) before the toe gives way. I get a lot of comments about them but they do the job.

  10. mandie costner on wrote:

    these are the best shoes i have ever raced in . i won state four years in a row in track in the distance events and i won state five years in a row in xc wearing nothing but the mayfly.

  11. kdogg on wrote:

    These shoes are awesome! My previous pr in these was a 16:38 for 3 mile and i raced in these a week later and ran a 15:48, i like to use them for cross country