Military perk: free cosmetic surgery

Karen Schaler writes about free cosmetic surgery for members of the United States armed forces in the July 26 issue of the The New Yorker.

[P]ersonnel in all four branches of the military and members of their immediate families can get face-lifts, nose jobs, breast enlargements, liposuction, or any other kind of elective cosmetic alteration, at taxpayer expense. (For breast enlargements, patients must supply their own implants.)


Commentary on "Military perk: free cosmetic surgery":

  1. Tonia on wrote:

    Hey, Just like every body out here. Looking for some information about plastic surgery. My husband is jar head.

  2. Ashley Morales on wrote:

    I was wondering about the plastic surgery? My husband is in the airforce and our insurance is refusing to pay to redo my implants even though the doctor said that they are very bad. Can I get some info on the program that you are talking about? Thank you

  3. Alisa on wrote:

    I was just wondering if you could send me the information on the “free” cosmetic surgery for active military. I would like to get my breast done and would like to know how much the implants run for, and what military installations do these procedures. My husband is currently deployed and I would like to get the surgery before he gets home. Thank you!

  4. Noelle on wrote:

    I was wondering how to get the free cosmetic surgery. Is there a website providing all fo the information.

    Thank you

  5. John on wrote:

    Would just like to know how I would go about getting this cosmetic surgery. I would like a hair transplant.


  6. Paige on wrote:

    Hello – Can you please let me know what bases offer this free service? I am a dependant looking for liposuction or a tummy tuck. Please send me information. Thank you

  7. Audrey on wrote:

    Just looking for a website or some direction to how I can find more information on the free cosmetic surgery. My husband is in the navy and stationed in VA. Thanks!

  8. Chris on wrote:

    I am currently in the Army my wife and I are both interested in Lipo and my wife also wants a tummy tuck any info on the authenticity would be greatly appriciated.

  9. nikki on wrote:

    hi my husband is in the air force and i was wondering how i could go about getting some cosmetic surgery via the military?

  10. Kris Egan on wrote:

    I am a military wife of 20 years have three children. Would like information on plastic surgery for tummy tucks and breast lifts.

  11. Latisa on wrote:

    Yes I am getting married next week.My fincee is in the army.I would like info on lipo,breast lifts,& laser hair removal.Thank you

  12. Rebeca Macy on wrote:

    Hi, i need some information on how to go about getting the free cosmetic surgery. Who do i contact??

  13. Kimberly on wrote:

    To everyone who is looking into cosmetic surgery: as of April 1,2006, the is no more such thing as free cosmetic surgery. Not even for active duty service members. Everyone is being charged. You have to pay for the OR time, the doctor, the anesthesia, medication, and your follow up appointments. This is really a sad situation. I was on the wating list but now I have to pay for my surgery before I can even have it done. Something needs to be done about this. How can we risk our lives everyday but not be able to a free service. For more info on this, you can go to the DOD website.

  14. Janice Wright on wrote:

    My sister is in the military and she has complained about her body for a long time. But she doesn’t have the money to get what she wants done. Someone told her that she could get it done through the military for free. Can this be done and how would she go about getting this taken care of.

  15. alicia on wrote:

    I was just wondering how to get a hold of someone who does the plastic surgery’s for military families.

  16. Katie on wrote:

    I think plastic surgery for military members is excessive – but they do sacrifice their lives. However, I can’t see giving free plastic surgery to their spouses! I actually know a woman who married a military member for just the free plastic surgery. I would imagine that many women and men will take advantage of this plastic perfection and use a military person for the pleasure of new breasts or a better nose!

  17. Tanya on wrote:

    Can you send me some information on free cosmetic sergery, My husband is in the Us Navy Stationed in Florida.

  18. Rachel on wrote:

    I am active duty Marine, and I was just wondering how to go about receiving breast augmentation via the military. I have heard about it a lot, but I have also heard that it was just a rumor. Please clarify. And, are there usually waiting lists and do dependants (military wives) have priority over the female active duty on the list? If so, why? Thank you for you time. LCpl/USMC

  19. Christina on wrote:

    You guys have to realize that there is no sign up list for FREE cosmetic surgery. There is a lot of requirements involved. You have to be stationed where a MTF is located that provide this service. There is a waiting list. There are protocols in order to qualify for certain procedures. For tummy tuck you have to be at your ideal body weight or have a bad hernia. Like someone else mention it’s all in who you know. You can’t walk in the door and say hook me up Extreme Makeover Style it’s not going to happen. It is a long process. I qualified for the breast reduction and lift because of my large breast. But I could not qualify for the tummy tuck because I needed to lose more weight. Not all doctors are inexperienced. My doctor has been practicing for over 20 years and they ask if it is okay if a entry level (CPT) surgeon is present. I said he can look but don’t touch. For my tummy tuck I am willing to pay the 8k for a civilian doctor because he will also lipo me and I know I can sue his ass if he mess me up. A couple of my friends have gotten tummy tucks and they did not lipo their sides and back when they did their operation. Their policy at our MTF is one procedure at a time. So now they have to go back for lipo. Just trying to give a little info to let you all know its not that easy and there is no sign up list.