Pickberry vineyard’s wireless sensor network

BBC News: “Pickberry in Sonoma County is using a wireless net to gather data from sensors in its fields that monitor key conditions such as temperature, humidity and soil moisture.”


Commentary on "Pickberry vineyard’s wireless sensor network":

  1. Pablo Valencia A. on wrote:

    I’d really want to know more about this.
    What is the possibility or the interest to apply wireless systems in vineyards? What are the possible services?

    Thanks in advance for your soon response.

  2. William on wrote:

    I can’t speak for the interest in doing so, but it would be possible to monitor a field of comparable size (30 acres) with a network of around 50 nodes which could measure humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, solar radiation (light level) and soil moisture. One could also measure rainfall, wind speed and wind direction, though these sensors are typically bulkier. The nodes (access points) of this network cost around $150/node without sensors and need to be programmed. See http://www.moteiv.com, http://www.xbow.com, http://www.tinyos.net