Designer iPod cases

CITY magazine summarizes some of the designer iPod cases currently available. Some designs need a makeover for the new iPod design (headphone cable position, no cutouts for small buttons). $265 for Dior Homme or Louis Vuitton designs: just slightly less than the iPod. (via Cult of Mac)
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Commentary on "Designer iPod cases":

  1. Yuri on wrote:

    While the case selection is impressive and does inspire a level of lust the magazine should have done some research before actually running with the story.

    1) The Paul Smith case was never released for sale

    2) Louis Vuitton is STILL not available.. release keeps getting pushed back


    3) The Dior case (the most expensive on the list) was available for a month TWO YEARS AGO! What’s the point of putting it in?

    Just my two cents.