Movable Type 3.1 pings Technorati

Movable Type 3.1 adds Technorati to a list of selectable pings. Currently Movable Type weblogs can ping and if the option is selected in their configuration space. My configuration screen does not currently show the Technorati ping option, but the hooks are in the code and database. [Update 8/17: The Technorati checkbox appears in the configuration space starting with version 3.1b2]
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Commentary on "Movable Type 3.1 pings Technorati":

  1. Phil Ringnalda on wrote:

    Interesting! Did they not NDA the people at the Mixer like they always do the beta testers? Maybe next version, I’ll go to an event instead, skip the pain and blood and frustration of beta testing, and just make weblog hay talking about it instead :)

  2. Phil Ringnalda on wrote:

    BTW, you can get rid of the broken image for the TypeKey Profile Page link by editing lib/, line 386, and changing from “|| $mt->log(“Couldn’t…” to “or $mt->log(“Couldn’t…” so it groups the alternatives properly and doesn’t die no matter what.

  3. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    There was a time for questions from the crowd and I took out my USB flash drive containing Movable Type 3.1b1 and asked “can I blog this?” Ben responded that I should be sure to not install the code in a production environment, and Mena said that it is alright to talk about any of the contents of the USB flash drive.
    I also have a logon to the beta site and the Mantis system. Anything appearing in there I figure I should keep to myself. Ben set me up and there was no NDA process.

    Last night the full version of Movable Type 3.1b1 was given away, but no upgrade package. I imagine many users like myself looked around for an upgrade script, mt-upgrade31.cgi, found none, and were frustrated by the process. Good way to get you to install a separate installation, but it took a few late night e-mails to get a copy of the upgrade script.

    Thanks for the TypeKey Profile Page link tip. I have made the change in my file.

  4. Phil Ringnalda on wrote:

    Oops, forgot the second part of the fix, though: you have to delete the current zero-byte nav-commenters.gif, to get it to regenerate a new and working one.

    That’s rather what I suspected was the case, when I heard they had given out copies of 3.1b1. Thing is, I know lots and lots of things about it, interesting things, things that my friends and fellow plugin authors would like to know, things I’d like to know what they think about. But the only copy of it I have came with the license saying “The first rule of Beta Club is…”

  5. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    I decided to choose a feature of the new release that would not give the competition any more information or hurt Six Apart’s efforts in any way. I hope the addition of the Technorati ping service as a checkbox will encourage other sites to work with Six Apart to have their service added as an option as well. The My Yahoo! service is a good example.

    As the list expands I imagine Six Apart will have to modify the user interface.