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I just downloaded the Firefox 1.0 Preview Release. A new feature called Live Bookmarks allows you to subscribe and read RSS and Atom feeds in your bookmarks. A button Firefox RSS button appears in your status bar to let you know there has been an alternate source detected and the MIME type is supported by Live Bookmarks. A blue folder appears in your bookmark folder with an individual bookmark for each item or entry in your feed. I like the placement of the icon in the status bar instead of in the address bar like Safari RSS. Another branding win for the RSS format as well. It is good to see alterate link tags being used. Features such as Live Bookmarks should help motivate site developers to include more machine readable information in their code to allow for easier user access.
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  1. Phil Ringnalda on wrote:

    Since I’ve finally taught myself to just laugh about everything RSS, er, syndicated-feed related, I’m quite fond of the way the Live Bookmarks page says they support four flavors of RSS: 0.9, 1.0, 2.0, and Atom. Untold hundreds of hours spent naming it something, anything, other than RSS, and it’s just another flavor.

    Now if I can just do enough advocating in the bug to get them to only discover alternate links, not every link element with a vaguely familiar type attribute…