NewsGator Online Edition now free

NewsGator Online Edition is now a free feature for basic features: NewsGator Web Edition and subscription synchronization. New features include:
  • Per-post rating system. Rate each post from one to five stars.
  • Feed recommendation for paid subscription levels.
  • E-mail feeds.
I signed up for a free NewsGator Web Edition account. The service competes with Bloglines and offers cosmos data similar to Technorati. The press release mentions the ability for users to “add the rating feature seamlessly to their own blog site” but I cannot find the code anywhere.
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Commentary on "NewsGator Online Edition now free":

  1. Greg Reinacker on wrote:

    Niall, good point about the ratings – the function we talked about is in there, but the page that talks about how to do it didn’t make it on the site yet. I’ll post about it on my blog shortly –