Suspicious package at Embarcadero station

A suspicious business envelope, standard overnight envelope size from on the street police information I could obtain, was found at the Embarcadero MUNI station late morning. By 11:45 a.m. the San Francisco police department had closed Market Street for two blocks from Main Street to Fremont Street as well as half a block to a full block for side streets. Not much known right now, but a lot of office workers are heading out for lunch to find Market Street cordoned off by police tape. Update: Bay City News reports a “white cylindrical container with black end caps, was found on the sidewalk at 333 Market St.” which is a different story than I was told by two SFPD officers around noon.
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  1. David on wrote:

    Was this suspicious package incident you wrote about something that you observed today? There doesn’t seem to be anything about it in the news (SFGATE, etc) I know someone else who was trying to take Muni at that station today. The link you have in the story to the Bay City News Reports looks like it’s a 2004 story.