Feedster contest winners announced

Feedster announced its contest winners today. Two out of three of my picks were correct.

Feedster’s contest seemed like a developer relations failure. The submission date and announcement date were moving targets, and when the winners were announced there was no explanation of the tool beyond a link to the author.

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see from a developer contest?

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Commentary on "Feedster contest winners announced":

  1. Rafer on wrote:

    The contest administration was admittedly sloppy, but did you see some of those entries! Just getting J to do that advanced search documentation was worth the whole effort, never mind the firefox and thunderbird add-ons from Adrian Holovatny and others, Feedster-based Zeitgeist, and wixonomy.org. I’m not going to duplicate the winners list into your comments, but we’re thrilled that people invested the time in supporting us.
    On our end, RayG and ScottJ have managed to TRIPLE the number of feeds in the system since Halloween. It caused a few, ahem, moments of systems stress for us. We always prioritize on uptime and search performance ahead of everything else, so the contest suffered a bit.
    Thank you for paying enough attention to notice!