Live search traffic comparison

Which company is the number one player in live search in terms of total traffic and user share?

Live search Hitwise statistics December 2004

The above chart plots total market share Feedster, Technorati, and PubSub over the past month compared to all sites as calculated by Hitwise. Feedster and Technorati jostle for the top position while PubSub is way below. I expected to see a clear winner and was surprised at the results.

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Commentary on "Live search traffic comparison":

  1. Bob Wyman on wrote:

    Niall, you can’t really compare Technorati and Feedster to PubSub since the services are so different. Most PubSub users rarely visit our site. They don’t need to. PubSub users get their results via email, XMPP, RSS/Atom, etc. On the other hand, much of the “value” in using Technorati or Feedster requires actually visiting their site. Given the differences in the nature of the service provided, it is inevitable that Technorati and Feedster would have many more browser hits then PubSub would — even if PubSub were serving more people.

    You are comparing Apples and Oranges. With this data, you *might* be able to compare Technorati to Feedster, but the data tells you very little about PubSub.

    bob wyman

  2. Scott Rafer on wrote:


    I’m not quite sure how hitwise works, but our traffic was up a smidge over the last few days. Maybe Hitwise is a relative measure.

    In any case, BobW has it right. Our HTML traffic has been tracking with ‘Rati’s for at least the past few months, but that’s not significant in our usage profile. As with PubSub, over 90% of our outbound traffic is XML or email. I don’t see how Hitwise could track it.


  3. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    Hitwise works off ISP data, which I assume would include RSS but not e-mail traffic.

    RSS and e-mail feeds would affect all three sites since users can subscribe to all three services. PubSub’s XMPP is a differentiating factor and PubSub is undoubtedly understated.

    NetRatings provides a breakout for non-browser Internet applications (Windows Media Player, Gator, etc) but Technorati, Feedster, and PubSub are not big enough to appear in any of the traffic result sets I briefly played with.

  4. Scott Rafer on wrote:

    Odd, hitwise’s results are almost identical to Alexa’s, and Alexa has nothing in it but HTML. I think that somehow Hitwise must be missing the RSS too.