MSN Spaces and MSN Messenger

MSN turned on MSN Spaces last night and of course I had to set up my own test weblog and tinker a bit with every feature I could find.

MSN Spaces does not declare a doctype and their HTML does not validate. The RSS feeds do validate without Microsoft resorting to CDATA inside the description element.

The use of MSN Messenger as a weblog interface is the news I actually care about. I installed MSN Messenger 7 beta to take a look at the MSN Spaces integration.

MSN Messenger Status

Messenger now places a small star on the bottom right of each contact icon, as pictured above. Clicking on the icon reveals a contact card with My Space information on the first card.

MSN Messenger profile box

You see the last post title and brief summary as well as some of my photographs. The contact card uses the same theme as my MSN Spaces pages. “See more” takes you to that person’s My Space page. Since this contact is me, I also see space to add entry or visit my MSN Spaces configuration page.

Very cool but too bad it is limited to MSN only for now. Hopefully there will be ways of adding non-MSN RSS content to the contact card as well.

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Commentary on "MSN Spaces and MSN Messenger":

  1. Balaji K on wrote:

    I can’t view ‘my space’ thingy in my contact card. I have my own space but i haven’t added anything there. How do i add it to my contact card? Thanks.

  2. Hugh on wrote:

    I’ve not been able to make my MSN Spaces theme (black and orange) show on my contact card. How do I turn it on? One contact on my list has managed to do it but doesn’t know how they did it – how did you turn the contact card theme on?

  3. Purdy on wrote:

    you have to add at least one photo to yout “My Space” site in order for the “Contact Card” to display the theme you have selected on your “My Space” website.