Six Apart business figures

San Francisco Business Times writes about Six Apart’s planned move to San Francisco next month. Some interesting statistics:

  • $2 million in revenue for 2004.
  • $5 million projected revenue in 2005.
  • New office space on 4th Street is 14,000 square feet.
  • 40 employees in San Francisco, 11 in Paris, 12 in Tokyo.
  • Plans to add 60 employees in the next eighteen months.
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Commentary on "Six Apart business figures":

  1. Greg Linden on wrote:

    Wow. That’s a lot of employees.

    What do you think their fully loaded costs are per employee? $200k/year?

    So, right now, they have 60 employees @ $200k/year? That’s $12M year. Against $2-5M in revenue?

    And they’re planning on doubling staff to 120 in the next 18 months?

    How much funding does Six Apart have? I thought their last round was for $10M. Looks like they’ll be burning through that pretty fast.

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    The article also quotes CEO Barak Berkowitz saying they are “very close to cash flow break-even.”

    Yes, Series B funding was $10 million.

  3. Greg Linden on wrote:

    Interesting. If that’s true, even generously ignoring all other costs and ignoring their hiring, that’d put their fully loaded cost per employee at ($2-5M/60) = $33k-83k.

    That’d be extraordinarily low. $200k-250k is more typical, isn’t it? For fully loaded costs (salary, benefits, equipment, office space, etc.)?

    All very curious.