Geek wine gathering Monday, January 31

Enomatic wine vending machine

I am hosting a geek wine gathering and tasting at VinoVenue in downtown San Francisco on Monday, January 31 at 6:30 p.m. VinoVenue dispenses 1-ounce sample of wine by inserting a smart card into an automated machine hooked up to wine bottles. Very geeky, and a good space to mix after work. If you plan to attend please leave a comment so I can get a reasonable headcount. If you do not drink wine they also have some nice teas. There is a small market next door, A.G. Ferrari, and outside food is allowed.

VinoVenue is located at the corner of 3rd Street and Mission Street in San Francisco, half a block from SFMOMA and a block from the Montgomery BART station.

As seen in Wired and Wine Spectator. The wine is dispensed using Windows-based software and argon is added to the bottle to keep the wine fresh. The smart cards are written in Java.

Minimum smart card purchase is $10 and I saw some wines for less than $1 during my scouting trip today.

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Commentary on "Geek wine gathering Monday, January 31":

  1. geodog on wrote:

    You didn’t look like a wine by the thimble guy the only time I ever met you.

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    I enjoy wine, and this place seemed like the perfect location for a geek gathering. It has been a while since a blogger dinner and I start my new job at Technorati the next day so it seems like a good time to have some wine and play with new technology.

  3. Mike Rowehl on wrote:

    I’ll be there! I’ll see if I can find someone who has a smartcard developers kit too.

  4. rayg on wrote:

    count me in

  5. Tim on wrote:

    So much for stereotypes. Sorry I can’t make it.

  6. eleanor on wrote:

    I’m there

  7. Scott Johnson of Feedster on wrote:


    Sorry for the late posting. But I’ll likely be there.


  8. Cheyenne on wrote:

    I’ll be there a little late I’m sure but there. I’m leaving work now to drop my bike off and change.

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