Microsoft issues security patch resets home pages to MSN

BusinessWeek: “It looks like Microsoft tried to get a little benefit for itself when it repaired a serious security flaw.”

Microsoft issued a security patch for MSN Messenger earlier this month that reset a user’s browser home page to MSN by default. BusinessWeek reports similar behavior within the AntiSpyware program as well.

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Commentary on "Microsoft issues security patch resets home pages to MSN":

  1. Neil T. on wrote:

    Erm… I installed the MSN Messenger update and Microsoft Anti-Spyware recently and my IE home page wasn’t changed. There was a ticked option in the MSN Messenger setup program to make MSN my home page and install the MSN Toolbar but all you had to do was untick it. It’s been there for a while now and was in previous releases.

    That said, I use Firefox now anyway.