Rumor: Yahoo! has purchased Flickr

Yahoo! supposedly purchased Flickr last week and will make an official announcement on March 1. I have heard similar chatter and frequent Flickr sightings on the Yahoo! campus. How will Flickr manage its community in a buyout situation? What will happen to pro-level users? It seems like Pyra all over again.

[Update 22:02] Two sources claiming one degree of separation tell me the rumors are true. Purchase price is rumored to be around $40 million. Caterina Fake neither confirms nor denies the claim. I guess we will know more in five days.

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Commentary on "Rumor: Yahoo! has purchased Flickr":

  1. joaobambu on wrote:

    No Way! And I thought it was Google all along..

    oh, well Flickr’s away!

  2. Wade Roush on wrote:

    I can’t help but think that it would be bad for Flickr and the folks at Ludicorp if they sold out to Yahoo!, which, in my mind, is far from the most innovative and adventurous search/portal site. Sure, developers need to make a living, and who knows how long Ludicorp could/would have survived on its own. But it’s the classic problem…how do you sustain startup-style innovation once you’ve joined a megacorporation.

    By the way Niall, according to the A2B location-based search site, your site is the 4th closest to mine, geographically. You’re 460 meters away! Although in which direction, I have no idea. I live at 220 Lombard Street.