Six Apart article in AP

The Associated Press is running a pretty funny article about Six Apart. The quotes about Mena cracked me up.

Ben is shy and gets uncomfortable when people talk about him,” said Andrew Anker, Six Apart’s executive vice president of corporate development. “Mena gets upset when everyone is not talking about her every day.

Mena turned over the CEO title to Berkowitz, who keeps her happy by calling her “Queen.”

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Commentary on "Six Apart article in AP":

  1. Anil Dash on wrote:

    Somehow, I don’t think that the sarcastic tone for a lot of our sense of humor at Six Apart translates well in this article. I’m assuming most bloggers know us well enough to know we’re smartasses and that calling Mena “Queen” is *hardly* about keeping her happy. :)

  2. Kevin Burton on wrote:

    The funny thing (or so I hear) is that Barak used to call Anil “Queen” but then realized that in San Francisco this has a TOTALLY different meaning.

    Mena was his second choice…



  3. Jay Allen on wrote:

    No, we call Anil “Prince” to keep him happy.