Web Spam Squashing Summit will not be broadcast

Tomorrow’s Web Spam Squashing Summit will not be broadcast to the outside world. No IRC, no audio, and no video stream will be published of the event.

We wanted to be able to have the most relevant technical participants in attendance, not just the employees who have cleared enough rounds of public relations training to be able to speak on behalf of their respective organizations.

We have assembled many of the key players from the academic, search, and web publishing world to exchange ideas and implementations both in deployment and under development. I am excited to see what may come of the event.

The tools we all use will benefit from the discussion, even if the end-users are not aware of all of the details involved behind-the-scenes.

Just some of the organizations represented in their respective industries:


  1. Amazon.com
  2. Ask Jeeves
  3. Feedster
  4. Google
  5. Project Honey Pot
  6. Technorati
  7. Yahoo!


  1. America Online
  2. Blojsom
  3. Buzznet
  4. Google
  5. Microsoft
  6. PGP Corporation
  7. Six Apart
  8. UserLand
  9. WordPress
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Commentary on "Web Spam Squashing Summit will not be broadcast":

  1. Dossy on wrote:

    I see AOL dropped off the list …

    Will there be a summary of the summit posted, at least? In other words, will the conclusions from the summit be openly shared with all of us, or does being geographically removed from the California area exclude folks from benefitting from this gathering?

    It saddens me that meatspace is interfering with our ability to collaborate on these kinds of issues, especially amongst the people involved.

    I’m also surprised at how geographically slanted the industry is, all towards the West coast. I can’t be the only interested party on the East coast … can I?

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    AOL will attend; I inadvetently left them out of my compiled list.

    Teoma, Ask Jeeves’ search core, is a New Jersey company. AOL is a New York company. We have attendees getting on planes to attend the summit. What east coast company do you feel is not represented?

    There will be more chances to collaborate. This summit is the first of many I hope.

  3. Kevin Burton on wrote:

    Whats up with the no IRC, audio, or video? Not very weblog friendly I’m afraid. I was just about to jump on the IRC channel. Oh well.

    Sorry I couldn’t attend. Had too much Rojo specific stuff at the last minute.

  4. Oliver Gassner on wrote:


    I am writing an articel on wikispam fpor the German online Mag Telepolis and am looking for summaries of the summit. I could not find any up to now. – Thanks. – Oliver presse@carpe.com