Segway introduces new models with 24-mile range

Segway HT i180

Segway announced the Segway HT i180 today featuring new lithium-ion batteries with a range of up to 24 miles (400 watt hours capacity). The new batteries cut the Segway’s ground clearance to only 3 inches.

I want one, I just don’t want to spend $5,000 on one. A cool Java-powered gadget.

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  1. bruce on wrote:

    Hmmm, if I could replace my car for 20 miles of driving a week – to the store, to the movies, downtown, etc …. that is $4.65 cents in gasoline I do not have to buy a week.Times 52 weeks that is $240 a year in savings.$5000 / 240 is almost 21 years payoff time.I still would have to keep my car for longer trips, or trips with other people … for my personal purposed this device does not make sense. If the price was lower, say $2000 it would make more sense but still it is impractical.I moped or motor scooter does make sense. This is a gimmick … very cool, but still in the cool gadget category.