Technorati nears one billion links tracked

Doctor Evil

One billllion…

Technorati is currently less than nine million links away from reaching the one billion links tracked threshold. One billion links is a pretty big milestone, so we put together a contest for our members who would like to guess when Technorati will cross the one billion links tracked threshold.

Five minutes could win you a 1 GB iPod shuffle. I am ineligible to enter, but you can read all the details over at Dave Sifry’s weblog.

Remember as a kid when you tried to guess how many pieces of candy are in the jar? The same fun, but now we are geeky and count links instead.

So many variables to weigh!

There is no telling what will happen between now and a billion links tracked. You can follow all the action at the one billion links tag page.


Commentary on "Technorati nears one billion links tracked":

  1. John Dowdell on wrote:

    Hi Niall, congratulations on the stat, but it might be more useful to do less tracking…?

    Reason I ask is that I just went through a daily search on “macromedia”, and received page after page of fake blogs… too much to page through anymore. Give it a try, what do you think…?

    tx, jd/mm

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    I just looked through the Technorati search result for macromedia. A pretty interesting cross-section of your community. Some users commented on the quality of hold music on the Macromedia support line while other users wrote about their first impressions using Dreamweaver.

    Mixed in among those interesting results were weblogs promoting Macromedia software at discount prices among other weblogs created just to promote other site or service. I cleaned up the search results and hopefully your experience will improve.

    I am sure you guys deal with the piracy issue daily, and there are sites out there using the Macromedia to lure buyers into an expected purchase. We keep fighting the good fight, but piracy and spam still exist unfortunately. Macromedia continues to make interesting products its users love to talk about, and they are certainly talking!