Flickr architecture workshop by Cal Henderson

Cal Henderson, senior developer of Flickr, is putting on a building enterprise web applications workshop for 40 people in San Francisco on Monday, June 20. The day-long session costs $495.

I just signed up and so did Matt.

Covered topics

  • Flickr overview
  • Development environments
  • Unicode
  • Data integrity
  • Dealing with e-mail
  • Talking to other services
  • Blogging
  • Bottlenecks
  • Scaling 101
  • Scaling PHP
  • Scaling MySQL
  • Scaling storage
  • Monitoring
  • Feeds
  • Flickr API

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Commentary on "Flickr architecture workshop by Cal Henderson":

  1. Will Pate on wrote:

    Sounds awesome, hope some of you blog some notes for us that can’t make it.