Google announces sitemaps, ping beacon

Google today unveiled , a way for webmasters to let Google know about the files on their site as they are published. Webmasters can create a XML file describing the files available on their site and ping Google or simply ping with the location of a RSS or Atom file with each update. You can sign in to your Google account to add and track sitemaps.

Update: User-Agent seems to be new: “Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +” coming from


Commentary on "Google announces sitemaps, ping beacon":

  1. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    Thanks Randy. I fixed it.

  2. Hashim on wrote:

    Google says the date is invalid when I posted mine.

  3. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    Google might not have accounted for “Z” to represent the same timezone designator as “+00:00” in their code. I am outputting valid ISO8601 datetimes.