Lorem Ipsum is the new alpha

Lorem ipsum is the new alpha. Thanks to three year beta programs by large companies such as Google I think we all place little value in the term “beta.” Why should alpha be any different? The solution? Keep some lorem ipsum on your page so your visitors know this site is not yet ready for a general audience. It’s like leaving the top corner of a house unpainted to let everyone know it’s not yet ready for the realtor.

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Commentary on "Lorem Ipsum is the new alpha":

  1. nortypig on wrote:

    If I had a cent for every Lorem Ipsum page live on the net I’d be Bill Gates’s rich friend indeed. I like how now you can also get hillbilly ipsum and other variants. I’ve come to vomit at lorem ipsum to the point I just use my own junk text instead.

    I’m not surprised it’s the new alpha…

    As for keeping lorem ipsum on page to show you’re not finished – what site ever is lol? It’s also like saying please don’t try to buy, hire or whatever from me as I’m not yet ready to accept your business… ouch.

    Let’s start a death to lorem ipsum campaign and use good old welsh drinking songs instead (tongue in cheek).