Google Talk client now available

Google Talk screenshot

The Google Talk application is now available on Google for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It features voice and text messaging and loads all of your contacts from Gmail. The application is only 900 KB in size.

Google Talk supports voice codecs PCMA, PCMU, G.723, iLBC, ISAC, IPCMWB, EG711U, and EG711A. They are evaluating the Speex codec. They currently use XMPP-based signaling but plan to support SIP signaling in the near future. Google is currently working with EathLink’s Vling product as well as Sipphone’s Gizmo Project for integration with Google Talk.

Google also has a page listing Jabber/XMPP clients compatible with Google Talk.

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  1. dave23 on wrote:

    The list of compatible clients provided by google sites should be updated to include the other clients from sites. They should try to test the clients from open source community and some commercial clients from winfesor xmpp, akeni enterprise im, etc.