LinkedIn social hack

Would you like to contact people listed on business networking site LinkedIn without a paid account or even an approval? I have received a few calls from recruiters lately using LinkedIn as a prospecting service but not paying anything for the service.

How? They simply look at my current company and search the web for corporate contact information. A quick call to a receptionist at a small company like Technorati and the recruiter asks to speak with me. It’s not too difficult, and the recruiter just avoided the LinkedIn InMail cost of about $5 an e-mail.

The practice seems to threaten LinkedIn’s business plan as recruiters I have spoken to seem very aware of the service hack.

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Commentary on "LinkedIn social hack":

  1. Jackson West on wrote:

    It’s funny, I had a similar thing happen to me on a dating site…the more personal information they provide, the easier it is to contact you.

  2. austin on wrote:

    Amazing that the recruiter could ‘remember’ where they got your information. These guys are never honest about where the dig up contact information.

  3. jdragon on wrote:

    The exact thing happened to me recently. I really dislike these recruiters. You know they’ll make $10-$25k on referral bonus if they place you and you stay there for more than 6 months.