Movable Type 3.2 includes free license for unlimited weblogs

Mena Trott just announced a new license structure for Movable Type 3.2: “all users will be entitled to unlimited weblogs. This goes for free users, as well.” Six Apart’s current pricing structure allows an unpaid user of Movable Type up to 3 weblogs with unlimited weblog licenses available for a Personal Basic license fee of $70.

The change makes sense as it allows Six Apart to track all of its licenses based on the number of authors.


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Commentary on "Movable Type 3.2 includes free license for unlimited weblogs":

  1. Brokerblogger on wrote:

    Hi Niall,

    We met at the Berkeley, Consumer Reports WebWatch Conference. I also just briefly met Dave Sifry at the San Jose SES Conference and he said he would say “Hi” to you for me.

    Your post on MoveableType was linked somehow to a post on the Blog Herald Another TypePad user by the name of Emily Robbins who’s blog is called “How To Blog” posted on a Trackback Spam challenge with SixApart. So, so far I’m happy with SixApart’s dedication to effectively dealing with Comment & Trackback Spam.

    I was curious, however, where you got your “Search this weblog” software from, and are you happy with it?

    Bill Kelm

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    Hi Bill,
    I use the Search capabilities built-in to Movable Type with custom search templates.