Yahoo! leasing San Francisco office space

Yahoo! plans to lease 200,000 square feet of office space in San Francisco according to the San Francisco Business Times. The new office is located at 475 Sansome Street, near the landmark TransAmerica pyramid.

Yahoo! currently has a HotJobs office in San Francisco and is currently hiring for two account executive positions.

I wonder what teams will be located at this new location. I have thought about working at Yahoo! in the past but the commute to Sunnyvale is just too much for city dwellers like me or people living in Marin or the East Bay. 200,000 square feet holds a lot of people and hopefully some interesting groups will be relocated or expanded to San Francisco.


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Commentary on "Yahoo! leasing San Francisco office space":

  1. Russ on wrote:

    Ssshhh. Don’t tell Dave, but send me your resume…



  2. Jazzpants on wrote:

    Hotjobs is hiring??? That’s news to me! The last I’ve heard from one of my friends in the Hotjobs group (about 6 months ago) is that they were planning to offload a lot of their Hotjobs QA people to other groups and was thinking of selling off Hotjobs. (The friend was in the Hotjobs QA team and was offloaded to another team.) The story is that they weren’t making that much of a profit off of Hotjobs. Of course, this only applied to the QA team. (Offshoring maybe???) Maybe it’s different for Account Executives?

    I guess now with the economy making somewhat of a turnaround that they can afford to hire again for Hotjobs. Of course, I’ll believe it when I see ANY QA gigs for Yahoo…in SF too! /:)

    Meanwhile, I’m thankful I have my gig in San Bruno!!! Only 10 minutes commute and no parking hassles!!! (But can most definitely use a salary perk!) ;)

  3. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    Sure. I keep an updated copy of my resume in HTML and ASCII. My user ID on the Yahoo! jobs site is niallkennedy but corporate job databases always seem like such a black hole.

  4. Jeremy Zawodny on wrote:

    Well, send your resume to me or Russ and we’ll put it in the white hole. :-)