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Many people have cold feet when they think about starting a blog. Do I really have anything important to say? Will anyone read what I write? Choose a topic you are passionate about and share it with the world.

My favorite coffee spot in San Francisco is Blue Bottle Coffee Company, an artisan small-batch roaster located a few blocks from my house. The company’s San Francisco location serves their own coffee from a small storefront in an alley. The staff even writes their own blog about new equipment, bean comparisons, and other topics that show the passion in their work. I enjoy subscribing and learning a little more about what goes into my favorite cup of coffee.

What do you like to talk about? Do your friends look to you as an expert in a certain topic? Share your thoughts with the world with a blog. You may be surprised with the community that develops around your content and if nothing else you will have an archive of your thoughts and writing.

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Commentary on "Blog about your passions":

  1. Kevin Burton on wrote:

    Awesome. Everyone’s an expert about something. I wish I had more local bloggers I could link to. There are a bunch of local neighborhood issues I’d like to address with people but I can’t link to them.

    I think what I’m going to do is blog abou the issue and then post the blog post to the door and on the sign posts around the hood and allow people to blog about it.

    Hm.. maybe using tags to aggregator neighborhood posts in your aggregator would be sweet.

    colevalley-sf-ca could be a good tag!