Sony superball commercial

Bravia superball

A few months ago Sony closed down part of San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood to film a commercial with over 250,000 superballs bouncing down the hill. Sony wants to emphasize the richness of color in its televisions, and director Nicolai Fuglsig’s use of bright bouncy balls definitely illustrated that point.

The high resolution version of the 60 second commercial is about 18 MB and the crispness is worth the wait. You may also watch the smaller 5 MB video below.

I have watched the video at least 5 times already. I recommend downloading the zipped archive of the high resolution version and watching it full-screen. You can’t help but smile.

The song used in the commercial is “Heartbeats” by José Gonzales.

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Commentary on "Sony superball commercial":

  1. D on wrote:

    my girlfriend lives on filbert, which is the main street that they filmed this commercial on, she said it was exactly like this in real life and it was the coolest thing. I have like 100 of those super balls and play witht them all the time. It was very cool to finally see the commercial. And the song they played to it was perfect.

  2. N on wrote:

    Upon watching this commercial a few times in Amsterdam, my sister remarked that she in fact knew this song and started singing along to the lyricsa, only to be preplexed by what version it was. After some net spelunking,we stumbled on your page. found that the name of the song is Heartbeats… However the original version is sung by a female snger. The version in the commercial is a cover..sung by the other half of the Knife, Jose Gonzales. You should download the original version. It’s pretty tight.