WordPress Germany and Google Maps

The team over at Deutche WordPress just added the ability to browse WordPress blogs in Germany using Google Maps. Deutche WordPress maintains a searchable directory of WordPress-powered blogs in Germany and each directory level contains a new map overlay of locations. Check out WordPress blogs in Germany focused on soccer for example. Google Maps currently provides no map coverage of Germany so the site is using only the country outline at the moment.

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Commentary on "WordPress Germany and Google Maps":

  1. RBA on wrote:

    Neat but using a marker for every blog won’t scale well.

    You can see what we did over at Zoomblog with the “spanish” blogs here. Markers are used for each region/state, and when you click on a marker, you get the balloon with the # of blogs and a link to get the list of blogs there.

    Not the prettiest of things either, but it scales a bit better.

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    I like adding markers for each blog, even if it gets crowded really quickly. That visualization method allows me to get a better idea of densities and concentrations at a glance.