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I created a sample product blog to demonstrate how a corporation might engage a potential market in advance of a product launch. I chose iRobot Corporation and their latest product, Scooba the floor washing robot. I created a blog named Scooba Clean to show what a product blog might look like in the six months before the product is released.

Corporate marketing teams are often a bit afraid to enter the world of corporate blogging. They read reports of mobs of bloggers attacking CBS or Kryptonite and fear for the lives of their brands in the wild frontier that is the blogosphere. Companies are also afraid of creating a huge mistake such as the Juicyfruit blog. I wanted to create a good example for corporate marketers to show how a company can try to connect consumers with information about the products they care about.

I chose iRobot because they fulfill every child’s dream with robots that do your chores. Machines with a mind of their own also introduce a variety of problems for consumers who might hold off buying the product due to a lack of information about how the robot well perform in a unique home environment. I think a blog can solve a lot of these problems and put a person behind a company and its products.

I created a fictional blog based on facts from the initial announcement of the Scooba in May until it became available for pre-order earlier this month. Topics include introducing the product and its features, pointers to magazine articles with photographs and more information, product video demonstrations, and interviews with key product team members.

Almost the entire first page of Google results for “Scooba” is full of blog content.

I have no association with iRobot Corporation but I hope you enjoy the example blog. I sent iRobot an e-mail inviting them to check out the new blog and even take it over as they move towards launch.

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  1. Glenda on wrote:

    Niall, I found the
    Star Wars Battlefront II blog on 1UP to not only be fun and creative, but it’s an incredibly successful example of this in practice, actually.

    Technically, there are a couple of limitations to the platform they’re using; however, the content and elements presented for the most part were really able to connect with the community around it up until the launch of the video game over time.

    Worth checking out for yet another example.