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FeedBurner just published a report on the current state of RSS and Atom syndication formats across a variety of publisher types with varying goals. The graphic above helps illustrate the difference between feed search and blog search. While the two used to be almost one and the same, blog search focuses on just blogs and podcasts and not commercial publishers, web services, watchlists, and other peer-produced content.

I think the report was a bit light on monetizing subscribers, so I hope FeedBurner addresses advertising in syndication feeds as its next market report topic.

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Commentary on "FeedBurner State of RSS report":

  1. Joe W. on wrote:

    What is “Other Peer-produced Content”? Do you have examples?

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    Peer produced content is a term used by FeedBurner and not me. They most likely used that term to describe other types of content not already mentioned.

    Video blogs might fall under that category, as well as photo sites or the latest updates from your daughter’s elementary school class.

  3. dickcostolo on wrote:

    Yes, thanks Niall, that’s precisely what I was referring to – apologies for not defining that in the text, Joe. That’s the problem with writing in one app and drawing in the other app….forget which bits need clarification. We will absolutely address monetization in another piece.