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Microsoft has a new collaborative editing program named Mojo. Mojo is a way to connect with other people to edit a document in real-time. Microsoft demonstrated connecting to a contractor off-site to edit some financial documents. You can initiate a connection via Messenger, e-mail, or phone and talk to the other person through your PC while you both work on the document.

Mojo demo

Mojo is a better solution than remote desktops because you share only the open window and not everything on your computer. There is a button at the top of the window labeled “Take Control” that suggests two people cannot make changes at the same time.

I wonder if Mr. Wiki, Ward Cunningham, was involved in the Mojo project before leaving Microsoft.

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Commentary on "Microsoft Mojo":

  1. Brad Neuberg on wrote:

    I also wonder if Mojo works if either or both people are behind firewalls or NAT devices.

  2. Nolan Brown on wrote:

    This seems great but the idea is about 10 years old. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s easier to share one 150K file then MB or GB of data. This is something that should have been with Office 95 or whatever it was back then. Frankly it also appears to be a rather blatant rip off of SubEthaEdit by the CodeMonkeys for OS X. Think ahead not 10 years behind.

  3. Stephan H. Wissel on wrote:

    Looks awful like the Coediting facility found in Groove. The real thrill however would be: concurrent editing in review mode (so changes of the other party are highlighted) as in SubethaEdit. If it works on a Mac it can’t be that difficult?
    :-) stw

  4. Dennis Howlett on wrote:

    I’m with Stephan on this. I only hope it’s not a heavyweight as Groove.