Microsoft Technology Preview

The Live Era

I am covering the Microsoft Technology Preview this morning in San Francisco. Microsoft is launching their “Live” software initiatives that include software as a service, synchronization, and even peer to peer.

The biggest news to me so far is Bill Gates announcing that Microsoft will build advertising as a service for software development. Developers can call a web service and receive Microsoft advertising content targeted to their users directly in their applications. As the application grows in popularity it can provide different monetization options, but advertising is a good bootstrap model.

Microsoft is announcing Windows Live and Office Live as two new online services for its most popular products. Lots more to talk about later. Check my Flickr stream for updates.

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  1. mike young on wrote:

    Fire the graphic designer. Looks like a poor rendition of an alpha version of AOL circa 1990. Go read anything by Edward Tufte or visit any decent bookstore for books on graphic/web design. Pathetic!!!