Simple Sharing Extensions for NetNewsWire

I created a Simple Sharing Extensions exporter for NetNewsWire followed links as a proof of concept. The OPML SSE exporter is written in AppleScript. It iterates through each subscription feed and its items, outputting every feed and the descriptive data about the items you have opened in a browser.

If you are a Mac user with NetNewsWire installed you can download the AppleScript or view some of the outputted OPML.

Example output

<outline type="feed" text="Greg Reinacker" htmlUrl=""
  description="Greg Reinacker: Greg Reinacker's Weblog"
  <outline type="item" text="NewsGator acquires NetNewsWire" 
  created="Tue, 4 Oct 2005 01:27:16 GMT" />
  <sx:sync id="" version="1">
    <sx:history when="Tue, 4 Oct 2005 01:34:52 GMT" by="NetNewsWire" />

The uncompressed AppleScript should be placed in Library –> Application Support –> NetNewsWire –> Scripts. Restart NetNewsWire and you can access “sse” from the AppleScript menu.

I only have access to the most recent copy of the item through AppleScript. I am sure there is a lot more work to be done but I want to get some aggregator-specific code out in the wild.

Known bugs:

  • Dates are not formatted as RFC 822. I am still figuring out date format manipulation in AppleScript

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Commentary on "Simple Sharing Extensions for NetNewsWire":

  1. Bruce Walker on wrote:

    Tried to view the o/p in OmniOutliner (3.5 RC1) …

    2005-11-23 09:30:22.780 OmniOutliner[7554] -[OODocument loadFileWrapperRepresentation:ofType:]:
    Exception raised while loading document: The document “test.opml” does not appear to be a valid OPML
    (Outline Processor Markup Language) file. Please check its contents. If you believe this file to be valid,
    please file a bug.

    I haven’t tried to debug the OPML yet.

  2. Matt Terenzio on wrote:

    I see in the example output that a permalink/Guid is being used as the id attribute. In the linked example output amore complex id is used which looks like it might conform to the RFC 2141.

    I haven’t exactly wrapped my head around that RFC yet and was wondering if you might want to comment on it. : ) please