Sony PSP adds RSS support

PSP RSS channel

Sony’s PSP gaming device now supports RSS feeds. The RSS Channel is presented to users above the web browsing option in version 2.6 or above of Sony’s PSP system software. Users can add feeds by clicking on a link to an advertised feed in their web browser.

PSP RSS channel subscribe

The mobile RSS aggregator is specially designed for downloading podcasts in MP3 or AAC format. The channel list and streaming media is saved on Memory Stick Duo media. Only the RSS 2.0 syndication format is currently supported.

PSP podcast select

Sony has a special page for developers documenting their aggregator’s handling of RSS. Russell Beattie installed his update and shared some of his first impressions on his blog.

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Commentary on "Sony PSP adds RSS support":

  1. Easton Ellsworth on wrote:

    Thanks for the heads-up, Niall. I wonder if businesses realize – no, I’m sure that few businesses realize the potential reach they now have thanks to the wonders of RSS and mobile wireless Web connections. That should change quickly as news like this hits the mainstream presses.

  2. matt on wrote:

    how do u get other channels

  3. marco on wrote:

    when i download the rss channel, i get of the internet browser and go to the rss icon, when i click on the channel i downloaded it says”there is no item”. how do i get it to work?

  4. Leo Davidson on wrote:

    Regarding the “no item” error message, it looks like the PSP only supports AUDIO RSS feeds (aka Podcasts, although I hate that gratuitous word). Text-only feeds, which are much more useful IMO, don’t seem to work. Madness, given how easy it would be to support them. I’d love to have my PSP sitting next to me while I’m doing other things but keeping an eye on headlines or forum posts.

  5. Darren Noble on wrote:

    RSS audio is brillant but not suitable for me cos i can’t hear at all (Deaf user) i would like to get video and newsreader too

  6. B!ZZo on wrote:

    does anyone think that video/text will sony’s next PSP update (2.61 or something). I hope so!

  7. Ben Konosky on wrote:

    The PSP is still only able to get podcasts, but with 2.7-2.71 it’s able to save the to storage so you can listen to them without being hooked up to the network.

    One thing I’ve noticed is a lack of OPML to PSP RSS feed list converters, I went and hacked together one in perl, and it’s able to work with ActivePerl under windows.

    I need to put together a GUI for it for the people who don’t want to learn how to use a command line tool.

    It’s over on my blog:

  8. Abian on wrote:

    psp would be completed if only we can text message other people with psp’s. Hopefully it will be in a future update.