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Bloglines switched it’s user-agent from “Bloglines 2.1” to “Bloglines 3.0-rho” on Tuesday afternoon. My guess is that “rho” are the initials of a Bloglines search engineer who pushed his test code live without changing the user-agent but there could be some big changes coming in near future.

If you are a FeedBurner user you may have noticed a large drop in your subscriber statistics over the past day (hat tip: jasonspage). I just heard back from Dick Costolo, CEO, and learned that FeedBurner had previously ignored this Bloglines user-agent as it was just a development test but they will be changing over their site code this morning to reflect the new behavior of Bloglines and its code.


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Commentary on "Bloglines 3.0":

  1. a.ndy on wrote:

    To me it looks like “rho” here is yet another letter of the Greek alphabet. Why always chose “beta” for test products?

  2. Kevin Burton on wrote:

    I’m sure that’s just the revision of their robot.

    Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t expect that there would be a reason to tie the revision of the webapp with the revision of their spider.