buys for $1 million sock puppet

Chris Andersen: “The owner of just paid $1 million for, in hopes of starting what amounts to a new”

Online shopping for your pets is big business again but this time the company is focused on selling smaller items such as dog treats instead of 50 pound bags of dog food. Is the fish food market worth a $1 million domain name?

Bubble vs. Boom
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Commentary on " buys for $1 million":

  1. Randy Charles Morin on wrote:

    The 2006 exit strategy had me ROFL. Good one!

  2. Chris Radcliff on wrote:

    Gotta love the Wired take on things. “It’s not another bubble, because companies weren’t using Linux before.” Yep.

  3. thecreator on wrote:

    Ha! Yahoo seems to be the flavor of the month.