eStarling WiFi picture frame

eStarling WiFi picture frame

eStarling just released a picture frame with built-in WiFi that can receive photographs from any RSS feed or POP e-mail account. You configure the device once using a USB connection and it will automatically update itself over a 802.11b wireless network (even with WEP encryption). Pictures formatted in JPEG or bitmap format are displayed on a 5.6″ LCD.

You could subscribe to a specific tag on Flickr or send e-mails from your cell phone to a special e-mail address such as a free Gmail account. I would love to give one of these to my mom and have it automatically update with pictures from family members around the world.

The picture frame costs $250 and is currently available through ThinkGeek.

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Commentary on "eStarling WiFi picture frame":

  1. deadsister13 on wrote:

    Wow nice. I would love to have one of those. I’ll just wait till the price comes down.
    Future is now.

  2. Ian on wrote:

    I bought one of these, and was very disappointed with the actual item once it arrived.

    LCD quality is decent (640 X 360 I believe), but images downloaded via the wifi were subjected to aggressive jpeg compression by the eStarling servers, and looked much worse than the original image (even if I resized them to fit the frame prior to uploading).
    Max time between image flips in slideshow is 10 seconds, no way to control transition types in slideshow. Needs to allow at least a full minute between image flips.
    No way to see new images from the wireless without leaving it on the slideshow constantly.
    Power cord sticks out on the left side of the device and big USB WiFi dongle sticks up on the top (do not expect this device to look nice sitting on a shelf like a normal picture frame).
    Will not display images while connected via USB to PC.