Photocasts are not valid RSS

I just bought a copy of Apple iLife 06 and created my first photocast of foodporn. The feed invents its own date format and places a guid at the channel level. Apple is also doing some odd user agent restricting access to browsers such as Firefox and tools such as Feed Validator.

<pubDate>2006-01-11 18:55:03 -0800</pubDate>

Perhaps Apple can publish an update to make all dates RFC 822.

Apple also declared a new “wallpaper” DTD that is undefined, just like their podcast DTD.

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Commentary on "Photocasts are not valid RSS":

  1. Paul Querna on wrote:

    This url isn’t blocked by user-agent:

    If you use wget with a safari user agent, you can see the javascript they use to redirect to that url:

    wget –user-agent ‘Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/416.12 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/2.0.2’ ‘’

  2. Matt Patenaude on wrote:

    To my knowledge, Apple’s Photocasts are perfectly fine RSS 2.0, whether feed validators recognize them or not.

    The date thing is a little iffy, but (again, to my knowledge) there is no standardized date format for RSS feeds (unlike Atom). The custom may be RFC 822, but I don’t believe it’s so in the standard.

    Further, one of the biggest improvements in RSS in version 2 was the ability to extend the language (eg, Dublin Core). Apple actually did things the right way: rather than just throwing their own stuff into existing elements, or worse, randomly creating elements with no rhyme nor reason, they established a namespace, and put all of their elements under that namespace. Any RSS reader that handles RSS according to the standard should ignore them unless they know what the namespace Apple defined represents.

    I’m not disagreeing that what Apple did is very uncommon… but I’m pretty sure that (dates aside) they did exactly what the standard dictates.