Google Maps to carry ads

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Google employees confirmed in person today plans for local advertisements within Google Maps, including their Web APIs. Google will overlay blue markers on the map to highlight local business advertisements directly within the graphical search result. A corporate logo and advertising message will be displayed inside of marker info windows complete with a paid link. API developers will have the option to display the ads or to signup for a commercial relationship with Google.

Combining local search targeting with graphical ads should yield extremely high payouts for Google. Google is currently paying data fees for maps used in a variety of mashups and I was glad to hear the company has some plans to monetize the experience. Google has just started a new developer relations group to interface with outside developers using maps and other APIs in their applications so I expect improved future communications.

The Google blue marker experience was previously spotted and reported by sites such as ClickZ a few weeks ago when Google first started testing the idea but no one at Google would confirm their plans at the time.

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Commentary on "Google Maps to carry ads":

  1. DXO on wrote:

    Any idea how much it might cost to opt out of the ads?

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    There may be different ways to opt-out such as carrying an alternate set of Google ads on your site(s) or paying for a block or unlimited ad-free impressions.

    I did not ask about any pricing details and I’m sure it’s not quite finalized.

  3. mparaz on wrote:

    I wonder about the rest of the world which doesn’t have local businessads.

  4. D.C. Russell on wrote:

    And how are they going to select the ads?

    As an individual, with no commercial intent, no advertising, etc., I use Google Maps to post the locations of local murders. (I live in a very violent county with a raoidly increasing murder rate and politicians who don’t seem to care.)

    What kinds of ads do you suppose Google will add to my maps? Hit men, maybe?