Facebook enters the workplace

Popular social networking site Facebook is moving beyond schools and into the workplace. A new version of the site went live this morning allowing new registrations on corporate e-mail addresses. I was able to signup using my Microsoft address and completed my profile.

Facebook at work

Basic profile information still seems geared towards college students and dating. Members can self-select what they would like to find on the network including friendship, dating, a relationship, random play, or “whatever I can get.”

My Microsoft social network on the site is currently filled with recent graduates who most likely had a profile before entering the full-time workforce but I expect more users of all ages jumping in soon to see what all the fuss is about.



Commentary on "Facebook enters the workplace":

  1. Michael Fagan on wrote:

    don’t find you by searching for your name… maybe only people in schools are being indexed?

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    Depends how quickly they rebuild the search index. For something like people search an index rebuilt daily may be acceptable for most users.

  3. Justin Smith on wrote:

    Niall, I’ve posted the list of 10 companies that Facebook has limited the corporate rollout to on the Inside Facebook blog, along with some thoughts. Thanks for your coverage.