Google Toolbar adds feed subscriptions

Google Toolbar subscribe to feed

The latest version of Google’s Firefox toolbar adds support for feed subscriptions to online aggregators with just one click. Users are able to choose from a list of five popular online aggregators as well as Firefox’s own Live Bookmarks option.

The icon was located right below the address bar feed icon in my Firefox window and seems like the least confusing place for the button even though it’s odd to see two options.

Google toolbar subscription preferences

I was able to choose between Bloglines, Google Personalized homepage, My Yahoo!, NewsGator Online, and Pluck.

It would be nice to provide advanced users with the ability for users to add their own favorite online aggregator through some simple template syntax such as http://domain.tld/addfeed?url=[feedurl] in the feed reader drop-down.


Commentary on "Google Toolbar adds feed subscriptions":

  1. Phil Ringnalda on wrote:

    Well, for some value of advanced:

    Go to about:config, and filter on “google” and you’ll see that you can change the labels and URLs for all the Subscribe options (though it’s %feed% rather than [feedurl]).

  2. mark on wrote:

    I’m supprised they didn’t include support for Google’s own Google Reader. I decided to make a simple greasemonkey script that will let you add to Reader -or- the personalized homepage by using the “google home” option. Here is the script.