Sony PSP system update includes Flash, AAC support

Sony updated its system software for the PlayStation Portable last night. System update 2.7 includes support for Flash content inside the browser, AAC audio playback, and channel-level RSS settings.

AAC support means the PSP might soon support QuickTime chapters, allowing podcasters to add images and descriptive text to individual segments. Flash 6 limits the functionality of new multimedia features such as streaming audio and video but it should work fine within websites using Flash for navigation.

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  1. John Dowdell on wrote:

    Hi Niall, I saw a copy of the Sony docs on SWF support, and there are some codec dependencies, but most of the differences are in the hosting environment — printing, JavaScript communication, things like that. The biggest constraint seems to be application memory… they recommend no more than 1.5M of media at any one time.

    Bill Perry has the lead on this and should have preliminary device information for developers up soon — I’m guessing there will also be a need for a consumer support site as more PSP owners try to surf the desktop-oriented Web.