New Mac ads poke fun at Windows

Get a Mac

I like the new Get a Mac ads Apple introduced tonight. The messages are simple and conversational with just one or two competitive points each. Less viruses, less restarting, better applications built-in for editing photos and websites, as easy as your iPod, simple connectivity, and a really good value are the themes communicated throughout.

The Get a Mac campaign also promotes podcasting support as a good reason to switch.


Commentary on "New Mac ads poke fun at Windows":

  1. JP Hebert on wrote:

    Hi there, posted my thoughts on my blog and being an “old timer” in this virus biz, I think Apple should have done much better.

  2. chris sivori on wrote:

    Mac ad campaigns come off as overtly snobby, ie. stop being a stupid Windows user and join the hipster, Vans wearing, Death Cab For Cutie crowd. This overt techno-snootery limits their effectiveness. IMO.

  3. Olav on wrote:

    Hehe, yeah, the ads are really funny. But I don’t think they’ll turn over so many users. Maybe they come of a bit “elitist?”

  4. Jeff on wrote:

    You obviously don’t do tech support. Do you know how many people I use to talk to every day with computers FULL of viruses ? That would take them hours on the phone with tech support to Windows and other software vendors because of adware/spyware/viruses ?

    And MAC boasts of no viruses, you don’t think that is going to SWAY alot of people ? Great marketing ad.

  5. Seba on wrote:

    As a longtime Mac user, I have to agree that the ads are less than inspiring or encouraging. I doubt I’m the only one who feels that the whole “Macs are virus-free” premise of the ads will just invite malware programmers to start setting their sites on the platform, especially since the switch to an Intel architecture…

  6. Bridge on wrote:

    Who is the actor who plays the mac?

  7. Kit on wrote:

    I’m a Mac and PC user, and frankly, the ads are just bad.

    For one, if it’s aiming to convert PC users, it’s not going to work if it’s generalizing them as suit-and-tie nerds. The people behind the now-defunct Nokia NGage made the same kind of statement about the Gameboy Advance…look who’s still the top of the handheld gaming world.

    Secondly, the ads try to make you think that the Macs have certain capabilities PCs don’t, or don’t have problems that PCs don’t. Which, for viruses and malware, this is mostly correct.

    But I’ll touch on one that kind of drove me batty. The ad where the PC locks and the Mac guy restarts him- it’d make you think that Macs never crash and never lock up. This is as far from the truth as you can get. I’ve seen Macs lock, crash, and all the rest. Granted this happens less than a PC, but to my experience, when a PC locks up, it’s not a serious issue. When a Mac locks up, it’s a major cause of concern.

    I’m a user on both platforms, using my Mac for my design/art direction and my PC for everything else. To be entirely honest, I haven’t seen anything my Mac can do that my PC can’t.

  8. Chris on wrote:

    “Granted this happens less than a PC…”

    Actually, I’ve had a lot more trouble with macs freezing up that I’ve ever had with PCs. Granted, I’m mostly a PC user, and I know how far I can push a PC before I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

  9. mor10 on wrote:

    These ads just piss me off. I used to use a mac for video editing but after the mac repeatedly crashed and destroyed months of work (and the mac repair people laughed when I asked if any of the files were salvageable) I simply gave up on the system and switched to PC.

    The argument that PCs are more unsecure because of viruses and spyware is a moot point because simple antivirus software and a $20 router makes the PC as safe as Fort Nox unless you deliberately download something to destroy your data.

    The argument that PCs crash more than macs is equally untrue. when PCs crash, its usually a simple restart. when macs crash you can just throw the system away.

    The new ad pisses me off more than anything – the one where the pc and mac hold hands and say they can communicate and then a japanese girl (camera) comes in and the mac speaks japanese while the pc speaks frenc. That’s just plain wrong. plug and play works equally well/badly on either platform and is usually based on the peripheral manufacturer rather than the system itself. in fact, the only real problem you ever have running peripherals on PCs is when you try to run mac products like the iPod Shuffle because mac didn’t provide software for PC platforms. so technically that’s Mac’s fault.

    The whole campaign is pretty stupid because it’s trying to convert people to a system by telling lies about the other. apart from physical appearance, mac is no more stylish than pc. more and more creative professionals like myself switch to pc platforms because they outperform macs and because they are both cheaper and easier to upgrade. and the software available for pcs is more diverse.

    it all just seems like a desperate attempt at looking cool by bullying the other party. and bullying is not very nice.

  10. Manish on wrote:

    Apple is just plain unprofessional when they bring out ads like these. I was almost going to buy a mac but now have decided against it as did many others I know. I am sure my windows machines are the best and do all I need to do and more.

    And Apple is:
    Wrong that they are more campatible with digital cameras
    Wrong when they say that they crash less.
    Wrong when they say they are more secure. Mac just doesn’t have the numbers to attract any hackers.

    I hope Steve Jobbs wakes up and starts respecting his future customers…

  11. splunge on wrote:

    well the ads are really annoying, snobby and so on, and I think they’re not that efficient in convincing people ti switch to MAC

    but as a user of both platforms I must say I mainly agree with what they say…

    of course a pro user paying attention to everything and dispodable to spend money in antiviruses and so on cn get the best of each machine he touches, but a normal user will find it really easier and safer to use a mac…

    except for some tricky web plugins, I must say

  12. PC on wrote:

    Why would you use Macs when there is a lack of software for it – less games – less hardware upgrades (more expensive and slower). Right you can find almost any piece of software you need for pc – I wish I could say the same thing about macs… and yes those commercials are just stupid, Microsoft has improved their windows a lot since the release of 98. I haven’t seen my XP crash for no reason, the only times it gave me blue screen was due to hardware problems.

  13. Eric Jackson on wrote:


    I think the Mac ads are funny and refreshing. What did Gates have over the Mac? Bill concentrated on the operating system while Apple concentrated on the hardware. Gates just did a better job marketing, now it seems that Apple has come back strong with the iPod, itunes, and accessories. I am sure that Apple hopes that the biggest accessory for the iPod that people will buy is a computer.

  14. Nick on wrote:

    These ads are insulting to the target market. Apple is playing off of old clichés that have more to do with a PC made in 96’ than 2006’.

    For example my Japanese made digital camera was able to “talk” just fine with my PC on the first try. The same goes for my latest PC “just working” right out of the box.

    If you want me to switch don’t lie to me – tell me why your product is better (and BTW please don’t confuse me in the process by making me relate more to the square 40 year old than the young guy my age – another rant).

    I think this might work with the non-computer owning market that is nervous about buying their first computer; and how many of these people are really left?

  15. Onikaze on wrote:

    The Mac ads are basically targeting the AOL audience. Their claims of ease and security are laughable to anyone who knows even a little about PCs. On the other hand, their claims may seem valid to people who know next to nothing about PCs.. in the same way AOL users know next to nothing about the mechanics of the Internet. They’re trying to cash in on the growth of the whole iLife thing with Macs being presented as an extension of the whole iPod craze.

    One of the most annoying commercials is the one where the Mac guy says he’s good for fun stuff like music and video, while the PC guy is portrayed as thinking pie-charts are the very height of fun. Of course, the commercial completely overlooks what PCs are good at… like ALMOST EVERY GAME OUT THERE. With the Intel Macs, this is becoming less of an issue, but Slacker Mac Dude has been so busy feeling smug and superior because of his iTunes that he has apparently forgotten about his inability to play.. oh.. Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, Oblivion, Star Wars Battlefront, and a plethora of other games.

    While PC guy can go to any store and pick up whatever game he wants, Mac dude has to trundle down to some store run by a Hobbit in a forgotten mini-mall in the bad part of town to find something he might be able to play on his Mac like the first couple of Zork games.

    And now a commercial boasts that Macs can run Windows. Uhm… if Mac is so superior to PCs running Windows.. why are they now tauting their ability to run it as a “feature?”

    I guess Mac dude is starting to realize that if you want to run with the big boys, you may have to learn to dress like the big boys and use their tools.

  16. Random Guy on wrote:

    They only realy need the pc guy in these commercials, mac guy is pc guy, there both built with the same x86 pieces, you can run windows on a mac, but you can also run os x on a pc as long as your pc is made out of the same out of date x86 pieces a mac is made out of.

    I dont understand why anybody would want this overpriced proprietary system, buying a mac is like flushing money down the toilet and ending up with a computer that was released last year.

    These commercials realy upset me there tageting people who dont know any better,
    its dirty and there ripping these people off buy selling them last years garbage and twice the price of todays top of the line pc’s.

  17. Nick on wrote:

    You know… Mac is making it look like they know whats going on in the world of PC’s … they dont… A mac cant do a lot more than a pc can. Ive used both platforms and when my windows did crash, id restart it… it would be fine after. Usually the cause is badly coded 3rd party software.

    When my eMac crashed OS:X i could not trace the source of it.

    Besides… with a mac you have… minesweeper… oh… and photoshop to play. To hell with real games right?

  18. Jake on wrote:

    I love these comercials, and find them to be true, I’ve used macs for about 10 years now, and I’ve also used a few PC’s. I’ve been to alot of my friends house and about 50% of the time we cant use there computer because “It wont start,” “They’re waiting on the ‘Computer Guy’ to come fix it,” or my favorite “It’s got a virus.” Not any of the macs I’ve had (Probably 10) have ever crashed on me.

    Macs are also ages ahead of PC’s. Like the whole “Put the entire computer in the moniter, do away with the tower, and still have a skinnier moniter than PC’s” that was genious, and looks awesome! I have an Intel mac with the Windows XP and its just a world of difference when I switch over (which I do maybe once every two weeks) just to play with it. It looks wretched compared to a mac.

    I have a lot of friends who have switched over to a mac after a long time using PC’s. None of them complain and praise there new computer, not only does it look cooler, but its so much easier to run. If you have ever ran a mac you can’t argue with that without lying through your teeth.

    About Macs not having as many software upgrades, about once a week on my mac a little screen pops up called “Software Update” that upgrades all my software for free (so its not way expensive as someone has put it). And you nerds that complain “Macs don’t have as many games,” “you cant get games for a mac.” First, I want you to go to the apple store near you, look at all the game they have (maybe not as many as a PC but any type of game you like, and better). And second, I want you to get a life, and quit worrying about computer games unless your a 12 year old kid.

    I hope you all can shut up now about things you don’t understand.

    Have a nice day,

  19. jo on wrote:

    well some of these pro mac comments are almost as mean spirited as the ads . . .

  20. Aya Reiko on wrote:

    How ’bout this script:

    Mac: I’m a Mac.

    PC: And I’m a PC.

    John Carmack (to PC): Did you need me for something?

    PC: Not right now, maybe a little later.

    Mac: Who is this?

    PC: Oh, this is my friend John. He’s quite the entertainer.

    Mac: You think he could see me sometime?

    PC: Yeah… right.

    PC (to John): Catch ya a little later then?

    John: Sure thing. (Exits the stage.)

  21. John on wrote:

    A. Of couse PC’s can do what Macs can do. Its just that Mac does them better, and more efficiently.

    B. Mac has designed an experience, and the senses revolve around a central idea of simplicity and functionality and the betterment torward the sensuality of a product. Could you say the same for a PC?

  22. India on wrote:

    In response to John…

    A. You mean, a Mac is able to perform select few of a PC’s tasks with a more simplistic GUI.

    B. By designing an experience, they have limited the Mac’s functionality before they have even begun building it. A PC is created to do whatever you want to do with it. This statement is full of ridiculous pomp anyway.

  23. Jennifer Hoppa on wrote:

    I’m writing a paper on the mac ads and I thought I’d Google to see what opinions came up. This is how I found this blog. Anyway, I am a huge fan of both mac and the mac commercials and assumed they were widely well received. I find it really interesting to read all the negative feedback. I understand everyone’s complaints, although I am still an Apple girl. Like others who posted pro-mac comments, I’ve been using Macs for about 7 years and have never dealt with issues of crashing, overheating, and viruses.

    Anyway, I think someone mentioned that the mac ads are caricatures and aren’t going to convert PC people because they are portraying these people as “dweebs.” I find it striking that mac is using these stereotypes in their ads, and very effectively, it seems. The ads are funny, and I know a lot of people who don’t buy into the ads, but still value their humor and brilliance.

    Anyway, long live Mac and I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments.

  24. Nicholas on wrote:

    I’m really amazed at the new Mac vs PC ads. I just viewed the ad titled “Sales Pitch” where the PC is seen advertising throughout the whole ad as a desperate attempt to make a ‘last stand.’

    Here at Weber State University PCs aren’t advertising at all. But Apple seems to throw its weight around like it owns the place.

    Everywhere I go on campus I see these not-so-subtle ads–even attack ads–that say “Be as un-PC as possible.” And yet Apple shows in its TV ads the opposite: PC shouting “supplies are limited.”

    One part of campus was plastered with anti-PC ads as if Apple was being attacked by PC, when really I’ve never seen one PC ad on campus in my 4 years here.

    What’s going on? Is Apple sinking to attack ads and half-truths in a desperate attempt to get ahead of PCs? Apple is portraying itself as perfect, simple, and easy, when in reality, I’ve had twice as many problems on the new iMacs in the computer lab as the PCs.

  25. Jeff on wrote:

    Linux: Hi I’m a Linux.
    Mac: And I am a Mac.
    PC: And Windows am I.
    Linux: I’m free

  26. chico V on wrote:

    When I watch these ads my blood boils. I am confused as to what they are talking about when it comes to macs versus pc’s. The reason is because I dont buy complete systems. I dont go to a store and pick up a Dell. I dont go buy a “system in a box.” I just go to or tigerdirect, or even over to the local computer store, and buy the parts I want. Then I put it together like a box of legos. Then I throw all of my drivers together and a fresh operating system…

    So I guess my question is this: What makes a mac better?

    You cant tell me that macs have better hardware, because they dont… and their system is NOT faster. Maybe in like…ohhh… 95 or 96 it was better… but it isnt now that the average person just grabs a motherboard and throws on a couple gigs of ram with a sweet videocard and audio card, some huge hard drives, and a processor that mac could only dream of being as fast as. I understand there are some parts I didnt mention, but it really IS this easy. So obviously that cant be why mac is better.

    Maybe it is the operating system. Well I’ll be honest with you, mine doesnt crash unless something is broken. I dont galavant around websites that would have malicious software on them… they didnt interest me in the first place. So why would I need virus software anyway? I dont get them… and I have windows. Am I the only one? My system doesnt crash, but maybe that is because I build a system that is beefy enough to handle what I am about to do. As a video editor, I dont want to buy a Dell out of a box to edit video, I want to build a great system for it. But that is why I love PC’s… the freedom to do what I want. I dont have to search through specs on computers, I just build what I need… like the average 20-some year old guy like me.

    -by the way, my windows system has updates too, and I just have it automatically run them too… it isnt any harder than a mac unless you are retarded. Dont talk about antics to us as if it is some sort of orgasmic experience when you use a mac. That’s lame.

    Maybe it is the software that makes it so much better. They have programs like itunes, ilife, and iscrewmyselfoutoframspace. These programs are too intensive to enjoy and I think they are dumb anyway. I have a cheesy program that runs on virtually no ram to play a song or a video. Oh, and guess what, it was free. And when I want a playlist… I make it into a different folder in my music folder, and play it. Is that too hard? It isnt like any of us have 3 million playlists anyway. Oh, maybe my cd wont be able to be ripped to my hard drive because windows cant do it… oh wait, yes it can. Guess what, it’s a good experience too… almost so good that I want to waste my time telling mac people how much better I am than them because I am smart enough to do it myself.

    They have software for video editing with a bunch of presets for idiots. Yeah, they are nice, but no editor would take most of them very seriously. They still havent really figured out how color is supposed to actually work… their gradients are wrong.

    So, yeah… macs are stupid. They are for people that want a nice system out of a box. They are for people that dont like doing things themselves. They are for people that dont get a kick out of knowing how things work. Talk to a mac guy about hardware or the logistics of making a system fast, and they will be confused. Talk to a mac dude about what his ipod has that my mp3 player doesnt? Ask a mac guy when the last time was that he went “shopping” for a good deal on transmitters and anything that he wanted for his ipod or mac… he didnt. He just went to the mac store and wasted whatever amount that he had to in order to get what he needed. This is why macs are better, because they have… ummmm… an experience? Yeah ok, go shove it mac.

  27. alessa on wrote:

    aside from the VERY unprofessional and insulting to the pc users, I find these comercials a desperate attempt to be the “prom jock king” of the market. “desire me, im a mac, sleek white, smooth… young and simple… ummm” They need to realize that this isn’t a high school popularity contest anymore, and be respectful of the intelligence of the viewer.

    As a lifetime PC user and also having used mac at work for a while, i can honestly say i had as many crashes or more than with a pc.

    at the beginning i found the commercials mildly amusing… now they are plain snobbish, stereotypical… and ridiculous.

    I also believe this is a dirty and desperate way of getting on top of the market… Playing “that” dirty really gives someone like me a bad impression, and pulls me away from their product even more. They really lost their credibility before my eyes.

    The mac people still have some growing up to do obviously… “after they graduate from college”.