Yahoo! is top portal

Portal market share May 2006

Hitwise just published rankings and market share for top portals in search, mail, news, finance, and maps. While Google dominates in search, Yahoo! is the clear aggregate leader across these top categories with an almost 10% lead over the search leader.


While Google Maps is an often-cited example of the Web 2.0 world Mapquest has 7x the market share according to these numbers.

Top Internet portals by vertical May 2006


Commentary on "Yahoo! is top portal":

  1. RBA on wrote:

    I’m not so surprised to see Google Maps not getting the share one might expect. While their satellite views were (are) popular among the tech crowd and mashup coders, I must say that when I really need to use an online map, for me Yahoo Maps has a lot more to offer (and now they’ve added the satellite thing as well for those who care about that stuff). What surprises me a bit is to see Mapquest still getting such a high chunk: over 56%. Wow!

    In the email arena, it is a bit disturbing to see “Myspace mail” though :-)

    The MS numbers in general seem to be where one might expect, although Hotmail was a bit disappointing.

    Last, the Google numbers don’t surprise me that much. After all, I pretty much use Google just as a search engine, and if I – a tech guy – does that, imagine what everyone else is doing… Where does Google want to go today?

  2. Dave on wrote:

    another interesting way to analyze market share for the big players would be to look at overall time spent using applications and/or websites controlled by GOOG, MSFT, YHOO, and others.

    one area i think people consistently overlook is the amount of time spent using Microsoft products (IE, Office apps, OS, etc) compared to others.

    while it’s relevant to tap Google as the leader in search, or Yahoo as the leader in content / page views, everyone seems to forget that Microsoft dominates in “application usage time” and “OS usage time”, and that those environments provide at least as much opportunity for marketing to & engaging with users as either Google’s or Yahoo’s properties.

    while neither G or Y should be discounted as growing contenders for user mindshare, neither should Microsoft be forgotten as a formidable incumbent.

    (which i’m sure Niall hasn’t forgotten, given his recent job change ;)

    – dave mcclure

  3. Ed Kohler on wrote:

    I’m impressed with MapQuest’s tenacity. I would have expected Google to take a bigger chunk of MapQuest’s market share by now.

  4. Herbert on wrote:

    Off topic: I like the design of the pie chart – knows anyone which software generates this type of charts? Thank you for hints.

  5. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    The chart was made in Excel 2007 beta 2.